Corporation details - Two Steps From Hell [TSFHS]
Alliance: Two Steps From Oblivion CEO: Evasive Shadow Assassin
Kills: 18 HQ:
Losses: 10 Members: 123
ISK destroyed: 1.14B Shares:
ISK lost: 0.04B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 96.72% Website:
We are in recruitment shut down & inactive members are being purged from the corp - Recruitment re-opens 12th Of August

Low/High/WH - PvP/Exploration/PvE Corporation/Wormhole Corporation

War Decs:
They are part of Eve, we don't pay ransoms, we don't care who you are. It's a game, get a grip. We fight on our terms. Not Yours.

Low Sec Politics: We do not take sides in ANYONES wars, we are stricly NPSI/NBSI - We side with no one. We want to enjoy PvP in all forms in Low Sec.

Alpha/Omega Clones Welcome

Public Channel: EvoTube

- 3-4 fleets a week
Missions - level 1-4 agents
Mining - Industrial corp with Moon Mining Stations
Ore Buyback - Full Ore Buy Back Program
Salvage - Full Salvage Buy Back Program
PI Materials - Full Buy Back Program
Wormhole - C2 with static Highsec & C3 Static Attached
Exploration - This is in High/Low/Null/WH Space
Ships For Fleets - New players provided with full t1 fitted ships
Planetary Interaction - Wormhole PI & Low Sec PI

We fly, we fight, we die, we reship, we go again. - We do not care about PvP lossess. It's about the fight, the action.

We do this 3-4 nights a week.

Nothing worth doing is easy
If you don't value it, you don't respect it

BTS Marine / Arlix Foxis / Rabbit Daring
10 Most recent kills
10 Most recent losses
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