Corporation details - Nobodyz Home. [NZHM.]
Alliance: None CEO: Aneeda Seino
Kills: 528 HQ:
Losses: 174 Members: 25
ISK destroyed: 278.21B Shares: 900000
ISK lost: 37.22B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 88.20% Website: http://#
Nobodyz Home. is an invite only corp based in null sec - We enjoy PVP and Industry alike but mostly just enjoy working as a very close knit group.

Whilst we are invite only, we are always looking for new talent, but we will say right now, there are no promises given about membership.

Come and get to know our current members by joining our public channel listed below.

Fly dangerous, and no regrets! This.. Is.. EVE

Recruitment & Public Channel:

Shirley C - Naoko Aoki - Archie175
SaltySlayer Uta - Bliqui Moennan - Mwaha

For diplomatic contact, speak with any of the names listed above.
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