Corporation details - Amarrian Investment and Trade Company [AITC]
Alliance: None CEO: Lord Kel Thuzad
Kills: 3 HQ:
Losses: 19 Members: 551
ISK destroyed: 0.01B Shares: 2000
ISK lost: 0.41B Tax Rate: 4%
Efficiency: 1.43% Website:
The Amarrian Investment and Trade Company is a unique corporation by virtue of its structure in which corporation members share in the profit and direction of the company via shares, a system formally described within our articles. We are accepting of new players, and we encourage all interested parties to apply or ask questions in our recruitment channel AITC Recruitment. Diplomatic inquiries can be addressed in our public relations channel AITC PR.

If you are a shareholder, not a member, and would like information concerning corporate votes, please join mailing list 'AITC Foreign Shareholders'.

Not entertaining alliance invitations or rental offers.
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