Corporation details - ASH TO DUST [ASH T]
Alliance: Unspoken Alliance. CEO: SILVA STRIKE
Kills: 126 HQ:
Losses: 12 Members: 18
ISK destroyed: 58.10B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.85B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 98.55% Website:
We are a small tight knit pvp corp operating mainly in npc null.

We are looking to expand with a couple of experienced pilots.

If you have a sense of of humor and would like a relaxed and mature corp with good fights and no drama, then please join our public chat
ASH TO PUB and talk to us.
We are all about having a good time and shooting stuff. We aren't obsessed with killboard stats but we like to be good at what we do.

We are very experienced in solo and small gangs stuff and are looking for people who likes that as well. We are however part of a solid alliance that provides plenty of opportunities for other kinds of PvP.

We are mainly UK TZ but all tz's are welcome.

Looking for:

- experienced and mature pilots
- a sense of humor


- pew
- no drama
- good comms
- good company
- oportunities for very varied fleets
- stuff...
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