Corporation details - Beyond The Gates [BYTG]
Alliance: None CEO: Killer Intent
Kills: 18 HQ:
Losses: 13 Members: 53
ISK destroyed: 0.96B Shares: 15000
ISK lost: 0.66B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 59.32% Website:
Beyond the gates is a PvP corp with elements of Industrial also.

Over the last 7 years we have been a very well off PvP/tech 3 production corp that operates out of a C4 WH and are always looking for more people to join the family.

Beyond the Gates offers you as a member

PvP ship replacement (hulls only)
•Tech 3 ship replacement plan
•Class 4 wormhole with C5 allies
•Veteran players helping new bros and people getting back into the game.
•Corp owned Teamspeak3 server
•multiple pvp fleets and mining fleets
•Bi weekly corp payouts for sites and ore/gas
•Scanning incentive bonus for scanning sites and hi-secs.
•recruitment payouts

We offer around the clock support and have recently reopened our doors after being closed for 3 years. We would love to have ya and would for you to help us grow!

If this something that sounds like you and you would love to help us grow and become a power once more please feel free to apply!


Helbrecht Marshal and Scotty Nardiello

Also you can join BYTG's Public
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