Corporation details - Brutal Deliverance [BRUT.]
Alliance: Unspoken Alliance. CEO: Kelron Renalard
Kills: 230 HQ:
Losses: 44 Members: 37
ISK destroyed: 581.78B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 26.98B Tax Rate: 2%
Efficiency: 95.57% Website:
Multi-Skilled, Multi timezone corporation

Public Channel: Brutal Penthouse

[20:31:10] Grier Eutychus > You know BRUT's
[20:31:24] Grier Eutychus > When I read your alliance name,I've mistaken it for Brutal Delivery
[20:31:35] Grier Eutychus > Like a postman giving you a package and punching you in the face
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