Corporation details - GeoCorp. [GCOR]
Alliance: Evictus. CEO: Vertigeaux Sindrome
Kills: 7467 HQ:
Losses: 195 Members: 162
ISK destroyed: 4,185.80B Shares: 9000
ISK lost: 18.20B Tax Rate: 1%
Efficiency: 99.57% Website:
If you're looking for a chilled atmosphere with like minded individuals then GCOR is for you.

GeoCorp is a social corporation with members of all professions, but with a focus on PvP. We do everything from small gang roams to large capital fleets.

We offer a no pressure environment, a break from RL so that you can enjoy the frills of EVE without having to worry.

We are seeking easy going people, willing to take part in Alliance events, Corp events, Corp fleets- PVP & PVE (even access to allied mining fleets)

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What we offer -

Lots of PvP
Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
Chill atmosphere - RL comes 1st all that jazz
Access to hundreds of nullsec Citadels
PVE fleets
JF service

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