Corporation details - Resurrection Complex [REZCO]
Alliance: RAZOR Alliance CEO: Aurelia Breeze
Kills: 13783 HQ:
Losses: 3643 Members: 293
ISK destroyed: 4,345.39B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 359.53B Tax Rate: 6.5%
Efficiency: 92.36% Website:
Rise from the Ashes

Sick of Flying T1 Ships?
Want to actually use that SP you've got?
15m SP and Omega Desired
New to Nullsec or PvP? Thats fine coaching provided.
All we ask for is an unhealthy obsession with PvP

Youtube Channel

We are a Nullsec Corporation and a proud member of Razor Alliance. We're focused on having fun first and foremost, and we find most of our fun being in Battle and Industry, while we're more focused on PvP we're not too full of ourselves to believe we don't need Industry Bros.

We're looking to build a strong cohesive group, some light trolling, fun fights, good space.

Come have a chat if you're looking to get out from your old space or you're a returning player our recruitment offices are open.

Aurelia Breeze
Our Public Channel:
RezCo Public
Top Griefers
February 2020
Pilot Kills
Hadah Khashour 1. Hadah Khashour 7
Jack Dickings 2. Jack Dickings 5
PsaiWi Nenothu 3. PsaiWi Nenothu 2
Death Nova 4. Death Nova 2
Ditto Anninen 5. Ditto Anninen 2
Aurelia Breeze 6. Aurelia Breeze 2
xXHaNtheMaNXx 7. xXHaNtheMaNXx 1
lightgnome 8. lightgnome 1
QuintusServiliuCaepio Brutus 9. QuintusServiliuCaepio Brutus 1
MaveeK 10. MaveeK 1
All time
Pilot Kills
Aurelia Breeze 1. Aurelia Breeze 56
PsaiWi Nenothu 2. PsaiWi Nenothu 35
Jack Dickings 3. Jack Dickings 34
Mike Lavallee 4. Mike Lavallee 34
Ceapedes 5. Ceapedes 24
Mr Lavallee 6. Mr Lavallee 20
Morten Balle Petersen 7. Morten Balle Petersen 20
Garland Lindon 8. Garland Lindon 17
Baalaakar 9. Baalaakar 16
Scott Risalo 10. Scott Risalo 12
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