Corporation details - MUSE LLP [MLLP]
Alliance: RAZOR Alliance CEO: Maxpie
Kills: 12772 HQ:
Losses: 8253 Members: 196
ISK destroyed: 6,612.69B Shares: 11000
ISK lost: 807.02B Tax Rate: 7.5%
Efficiency: 89.12% Website:
Founder: Cadoan
2IC (Second in Command) and Logistics Director: Xert Madullier
Miles Deep Uta
PVP Director: Jument
HR Director:
Mining Director:
Antarian Duket
Industry Director:
A'Nari Wickedsnout
General Directors:
Tarnor Marstolt, Erik Ambrosia, zaayr, Rhe'a & Mavricken Brink

Please visit our
website to learn more about our operations and to apply. Recruitment is open - MUSE LLP - null corp recruiting - click for info. Apply at

Public Channel:

Join us on
Discord at (server MUSE LLP)

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Fridge 2020.
Top Killers
All time
Pilot Kills
Rhe'a 1. Rhe'a 2453
Drizzt Entreri 2. Drizzt Entreri 1721
Jacen Zar 3. Jacen Zar 1514
Akre Aton 4. Akre Aton 591
ZioZi 5. ZioZi 573
Erik Ambrosia 6. Erik Ambrosia 519
Mestopoleous 7. Mestopoleous 470
Maxpie 8. Maxpie 376
PsaiWi Nenothu 9. PsaiWi Nenothu 312
Kayllyn 10. Kayllyn 251
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