Corporation details - Duckzer Mining Corporation [DCKZ]
Alliance: RAZOR Alliance CEO: Duck Otsito
Kills: 3523 HQ:
Losses: 2922 Members: 162
ISK destroyed: 888.66B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 249.91B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 78.05% Website: http://
Duckzer Mining Corporation is a mature, but laid back group that enjoys the many aspects of EVE including:

- Mission Running (levels 1-4)
- Running Anomalies, Signatures, and Escalations
- High Sec/Null Sec Ore, Moon, and Ice Mining
- Industry, Research, and Inventions
- Low Sec/Null Sec/Wormhole Exploration
- Planetary Interaction
- Null Sec Ratting
- Weekly PVP Roams

Actively recruiting new/old pilots in US and EU time zones that are interested in a similar style of play and speak English fluently.

Duckzer Mining Corporation offers the following benefits:

- Escalation Assistance, Reprocessing Service, and Procurer Mining Barge Assistance to help new pilots get established in the game.
- 2.5% corporate tax on bounties
- 0% corporate tax on ore/ice refining, industry, and R&D
- Ice and Ore buy back programs
- Weekly Moon and Ice mining fleets
- Ship Replacement Program for loss of any doctrine ships
- Corporate Slack website

Contact Duck Otsito or Lladron Hectorovich with any questions or for more information.
Top Griefers
April 2019
Pilot Kills
Krimson Serenity 1. Krimson Serenity 7
Lladron Hectorovich 2. Lladron Hectorovich 3
Grandpa Chao Chu 3. Grandpa Chao Chu 2
SPores piffin 4. SPores piffin 2
Quadia 5. Quadia 1
Etria Saraki 6. Etria Saraki 1
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