Corporation details - Duckzer Mining Corporation [DCKZ]
Alliance: RAZOR Alliance CEO: Duck Otsito
Kills: 2117 HQ:
Losses: 2311 Members: 132
ISK destroyed: 334.58B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 207.03B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 61.77% Website: http://
Duckzer Mining Corporation is a mature, but laid back group that enjoys the many aspects of EVE including:

- Mission Running (levels 1-4)
- Running Anomalies, Signatures, and Escalations
- High Sec/Null Sec Ore, Moon, and Ice Mining
- Industry, Research, and Inventions
- Low Sec/Null Sec/Wormhole Exploration
- Planetary Interaction
- Null Sec Ratting
- Weekly PVP Roams

Actively recruiting new/old pilots in US and EU time zones that are interested in a similar style of play and speak English fluently.

Duckzer Mining Corporation offers the following benefits:

- Escalation Assistance, Reprocessing Service, and Procurer Mining Barge Assistance to help new pilots get established in the game.
- 2.5% corporate tax on bounties
- 0% corporate tax on ore/ice refining, industry, and R&D
- Ice and Ore buy back programs
- Weekly Moon and Ice mining fleets
- Ship Replacement Program for loss of any doctrine ships
- Corporate Slack website

Contact Duck Otsito or Lladron Hectorovich with any questions or for more information.
Top Damagedealers
February 2019
Pilot Kills
Krimson Serenity 1. Krimson Serenity 48
James Pruitt 2. James Pruitt 18
Wvicktor Yvormes 3. Wvicktor Yvormes 16
Lladron Hectorovich 4. Lladron Hectorovich 6
Jonah Chandril 5. Jonah Chandril 3
Weird0 6. Weird0 3
Major Gould Gould 7. Major Gould Gould 3
Frederik Niminen 8. Frederik Niminen 2
Kerosali 9. Kerosali 2
Etria Saraki 10. Etria Saraki 2
All time
Pilot Kills
Krimson Serenity 1. Krimson Serenity 283
Lladron Hectorovich 2. Lladron Hectorovich 83
James Pruitt 3. James Pruitt 79
Duck Otsito 4. Duck Otsito 27
Wvicktor Yvormes 5. Wvicktor Yvormes 22
Etria Saraki 6. Etria Saraki 17
Jonah Chandril 7. Jonah Chandril 16
Eula Archon 8. Eula Archon 16
FreakOn A Leash 9. FreakOn A Leash 16
Major Gould Gould 10. Major Gould Gould 16
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